Versatile Blogger Award

Wandering Life was nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award!! This is the 1st award that this blog receives J And a chain prize in the blogosphere, which acknowledges the work that has been developed.

In order for a blog to be nominated, several factors are taken into account, such as the quality of the writing, the uniqueness of the subjects covered or the quality of the photographs.

I’m deeply thankful to Vanda from Yogi Wandered for this nomination.

Since I have won the award, I do have to post an article thanking those who nominated me, listing 7 facts about me, whilst also nominating other blogs who deserve my recognition.

7 random facts about me

1 – I’m a mother

My baby in the beach

I have a 2-year old daughter, who is the best of my life. She is my greatest love and my absolute priority.

Shortly before completing 3 months of age, she flew for the 1st time. We travelled to Funchal. It went so well that she has yet to stop doing it… She already has a massive number of flying hours under her belt.

2 – I’ve been dancing Flamenco for 9 years now

I decided to watch a lesson of a former fellow of my master’s degree who, at the time, was taking Sevillanas dance-classes. I enjoyed it so much that I decided to be part of it in the following year. I spend some time in Sevillanas and I’m already in my 5th or 6th year of Flamenco. I will never stop doing it!

3 – Cherries are my favourite fruit


I love all sorts of red fruits, but cherries are my top pick. They are my favourite fruit by a mile. The fact that their season is so short is really a pity L

4 – I’m from Algarve

I’ve been living in Lisbon for more than 30 years already, so, all things considered, it’s my city. But I was born and raised in Faro.

5 – Varanasi was the city that I enjoyed the most


My first trips were short, as I targeted European countries. I loved what I saw, but I got absolutely mesmerized as soon as I started to visit Asia. I think this is because I’m enthralled to have the opportunity to know more about the history and culture of different people.

Varanasi was different from everything else. It’s like travelling back in time, as it is a deeply ancient city and a site where really interesting rituals are held.

6 – Alentejo is my favourite region in Portugal

Near Ourique

I was born in Algarve and my roots are found in The Beiras. I spend many summers in Gouveia and I do have wonderful memories from it, so I have a tremendous emotional connection with the region and the family.

I’ve been travelling throughout Portugal since an early age, so I know the country quite well. I can say that Alentejo is what I love the most. I love the landscape, the weather, the slow-ticking clock, the kindness of its people, the food, among many other things.

7 – I hate waking up early

I never enjoyed waking up early. If I have to do it, my mood is ruined and I just cannot focus myself, whatever the task may be. I love the night, whether it is to go out or just to work.

People always told me that I would change with age… it never really happened, it’s totally genetic.

New winners

Ana Sofia Melo from the Cartografia Pessoal blog and Filipa Santos Sousa from the Crónicas de Utopia are the new winners. Their work is fantastic!