Carioca is the name given to those who are born in Rio de Janeiro.

A true carioca is the one whose parents are also cariocas (those who are born in the State – and not in the city of Rio de Janeiro – are Fluminenses).

The name carioca derives from the Tupi.

It’s a language which was spoken by indigenous tribes that inhabited Brazil before the Portuguese colonization. In 1758, the Tupi language was forbidden and was replaced by Portuguese, but it left a strong mark on the Portuguese that is spoken in Brazil.

The Tupi people gave the name of “karai oca”, i.e., “house of the white”, to the stone-and-lime houses that the Portuguese built in the beach area of Flamengo, which is located at the mouth of River Carioca. Quickly, the Portuguese began to call themselves cariocas.

Throughout time, the term began to be used in order to describe those who are born in Rio de Janeiro.

One day, Vinicius de Moraes wrote that being carioca “is above all a state of mind”. Go to Rio and be carioca!