Travel souvenirs

Someone once said that the same very trip is experienced at three different moments. When we plan it, when we live it and when we recall it. And I’m really fond of memories….

When I started traveling, I collected postcards, so now I have a few thousands of them packed in boxes that, once in a while, I like to remember. But I’ve stopped buying them a couple of years ago. I think that I stopped enjoying closed memories that could not always be present in my life.

So, since the moment where I had my own house, I tried to buy different things, having different memories. In addition to the inevitable magnets, now I like to buy crafts pieces that make sense with the rest of the decoration. I like so much to be in my living room and see the lanterns of Marrakesh, the hat from Vietnam, the telephone booth of London or the dolls from Brazil. I’m not travelling, but somehow I am 😉

Some of my magnets
Some of my magnets

But the passport is possibly one of my favorite souvenirs. There is something fascinating about having in my hands that little brown book and flicking its pages. “Reading” it is remembering the arrival at the airport, the friends who were there with me, my daughter’s smile when getting back on the plane again, the relaxing moments lived in any given place in the world. All this for me is magical.

Travel souvenirs
Travel souvenirs

Lisboa Passport

Since I enjoy trip souvenirs so much, when a friend told me about the Lisbon Passport, I immediately wanted to have it. I really enjoyed the idea of having a different and original souvenir of the city where I live. And one where I often travel as well.

The Passport in itself is an interesting document, since its 17 pages make reference to important milestones in Lisbon’s history. It is possible to stamp the attractions that we visit in Lisbon. And a lot of them have adhered to the Lisbon Passport. A stamp was created for each, which is an exclusive design piece for this document.

I know the large majority (if not all) of the attractions. I already live in Lisbon for many years and I love walking in it and getting to know the city properly. But I challenged myself with this. I will stroll through it again, remembering all the key attractions and stamping my passport. Regardless of how much we know about a city, there is always something to learn.


From now on, I will visit one of Lisbon’s main attraction once a month, and I will stamp my Lisboa Passport. There are several museums, monuments and souvenir shops so far, so it will take at least three years to collect all the stamps. I will also write an article where I will better explain each of the points that I will visit.

Some of the places are Museu Calouste Gulbenkian or Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga, Castelo de São Jorge, Palácio Nacional da Pena, Sé de Lisboa and Mosteiro dos Jerónimos.

Let’s know/remember this magnificent city!!! Will you come with me? 🙂