The Red Square of Moscow is a famous place, deemed as Russia’s central site (several of its main routes start right here) and separates the Royal city (known as the kremlin) and the historical neighborhood of Kitay-gorod, one of the oldest areas in Moscow.

Kremlin means fortress, or fort, and it was a military construction whose goal was to protect against invaders.

Some cities, including Moscow, were built around a kremlin. Currently, the official residence of the President of Russia is located in Moscow’s kremlin (which occupies about 30 hectares), in addition to several other palaces and churches.

The name Red Square of Moscow derived from a Russian word that could have meant “red” or “beautiful”. Initially the word was intended to mean “beautiful”, in order to describe Saint Basil’s Cathedral, but with time it encompassed all the square.

Thus, the name red has nothing to do with the color of the buildings or the walls, or even with communism.

Saint Basil’s Cathedral is located in the Red Square and it was built to commemorate the recapture of 2 cities that were under the Tatar-Mongol rule. This building’s design symbolizes a fire whose flames reach the sky.

The Red Square was the place where the soviet military marches took place during the Soviet Union.

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