The city of Buenos Aires is divided into 48 neighborhoods. It is a huge city.

In this article I’m going to talk about Puerto Madero, the city’s newest neighborhood and one of the most elegant. I will talk about its history and what it currently has to offer.

Buenos Aires is bathed by the River Plate. Despite having this name, it is actually an estuary, the world’s largest. This is where the rivers Paraná and Uruguay empty into the Atlantic Ocean.

Its proximity to the coast fostered trading to the point where it had a great impact on the economy of Argentina’s capital. But in the old days the goods had a tough time reaching land. The waters in the coastal area were shallow and the ships cannot get close to Bueno Aires.

The ships moored far from the coast and the passengers and goods had to be transferred to other smaller vessels, capable of reaching land.

But in 1882 the government asked for the help of engineer Eduardo Madero, in order to solve this issue. But the project that was carried out didn’t last for long, due to the advent of large cargo ships, and Puerto Madero remained abandoned for many years.

After a while, the engineer Luis Huergo suggested the inception of a brand new port. This can be found in the surroundings of Puerto Madero and it is the one that we see nowadays.

About Puerto Madero, it was only in 1989 that the Argentinian government decided to put in motion its rehabilitation process. Right now, in this neighborhood, we can find bars, restaurants, a university, hotels, museums, a casino and several companies.

Puente de la Mujer

The streets of this neighborhood are named from notorious women in several areas: Juana Manso, Olga Cossentini or Marta Lynch, for instance. The bridge that is there was conceived by Santiago Calatrava and its name is Puente de la Mujer. It can rotate 90 degrees so that ships are able to pass.

Fragata Sarmiento Museum Ship

It was built in England and it was the first training ship of the Argentinian Navy. It did 37 instruction voyages around the world. Its name is a tribute to the Argentinian president Domingo Sarmiento, founder of the Escuela Naval Militar.

Fountain of the Nereids

This statue is the most important among the work made by the Argentinian sculptor Lola Mora and it was inaugurated in 1903. It is made of white marble and portrays the Birth of Venus. It was very controversial when it was conceived, since the Goddess is naked.

Costanera Sur Ecological Reserve

The ecological reserve has 350 hectares and is bathed by River Plate. It is the largest green space of Buenos Aires. During the years when Puerto Madero was abandoned, nature kept moving into the area which was occupied by the rubble that was used to move into the river.

This area is still one of the favorite locations of its inhabitants, where they walk, run and go cycling. I also caught some people birdwatching and observing other animals.

Puerto Madero is a very beautiful, modern and sophisticated area. It is a perfect place to walk alongside the shore and stop by one of its restaurants.

When visiting Bueno Aires, I recommend going there.