eBook: The 20 questions that all pregnant women who want to travel ask (EN – PDF)


Are you pregnant (or do you want to be) and want to continue travelling? Do you have someone close to you who is pregnant and wants to better understand your doubts and fears?
Then this eBook is for you.

I have been travelling independently for 20 years, including pregnant and with a small daughter, since she has 2 months to live! Now I want to share my experience and help to demystify the idea that it is complicated to travel pregnant.

In English and in PDF format. Also available in Portuguese.

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I’m passionate about travelling and had been travelling for several years when I got pregnant, so it was already part of my life and my way of being. When I heard that I was pregnant, I panicked because I realized that my life would change completely, even though it was something planned and very much wanted. But as time went on I got more information, talking to my obstetrician and I realized that there really was no reason to stop doing something that left me and continues to make me so happy, which is travelling. What I felt before pregnancy was what continued to make sense.

I had to make some adjustments but I kept travelling, pregnant and since my daughter was two months old! By now she is 5 years old 🙂


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