The archipelago of the Bahamas is located in Central America, relatively close to Cuba and Miami.

The capital Nassau can be found in the New Providence Island, and it’s the most populous city, as well as the commercial hub. Its official language is English and the currency is the Bahamian dollar.

Before the arrival of Christopher Columbus, the islands were inhabited by Lucian Indians, who lived in straw huts. Columbus gave the islands the name of Bahamas (one that means shallow water islands) and took possession of them, in the name of Spain. The Indians were taken as slaves, something that eventually decimated all the native population after a 25-year period.

The islands of the Bahamas were under the rule of Spain, but Spanish were not occupying them. So, in 1648, when some English settlers, who were looking for religious freedom, reached one of the islands, they established themselves there. But this first settlement was a failure.

In those very same years (end of the 1600s and early 1700s), the Bahamas became a base for many pirates. Nassau was actually proclaimed the Republic of Pirates and the famous Blackbeard was the judge who enforced its law. Not only uninhabited, the islands were also a perfect hiding place, bathed by shallow water, and they were right next to the navigation route of the Spanish galleons (ships) packed with gold. The choice of Nassau as a strategic base may have been due to the fact that its port was sheltered and safe.

These were very attractive factors for pirates!

Given all this scene, the pirate Woodes Rogers was appointed governor by the British government, whose aim was to keep the Bahamas under control. Hence, the number of robberies decreased. Several years later, on the 10th of June of 1973, the British voted to give the Bahamas its independence.

These islands have hot temperatures all year, beaches with fine, golden sand, where the water is warm – things that make this a tourist destination for thousands of people.

Furthermore, it’s story is very interesting.

I suggest you to visit the Pirates of Nassau Museum in order to get know stories of when Nassau was a Republic of Pirates.

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