The famous city of Miami is located in Florida, an American state. The waters washing Florida are overloaded with shipwrecks that have piled up throughout time. Caravels and galleons packed with gold and silver caught the Gulf Stream and the winds close to Florida in order to get back to Europe. But, due to storms and reefs, the vessels often sank and even today you have people who are looking for those submerged treasures.

Miami is located in the southwestern point of Florida.

Its name derives from the Indian tribe “Mayami”, which inhabited the site before the arrival of the Spanish, when the terrain was only a sandbar accessible by boat.

It was founded by Julia Tuttle, who bought 640 hectares of land to grow oranges. She was able to include her land – which is now Miami – in the railway route.

In 1913 a wooden bridge was built between Miami and the Miami Beach Island. It was the birth of city we know today. In the following years, the real estate boomed and started to develop itself, establishing luxury hotels and leisure areas.

That boom suffered a setback due to the hurricane (1926) and the Wall Street crash (1929), but got back on its tracks in the 30s. During that period hundreds of buildings were built, which today comprised the Art Deco district. In the famous Ocean Drive there are 800 well-maintained buildings, decorated with flamingos and suns. The style and color that one can find in this street have influenced the rather well-known beach lookout posts.

Another spot which I also recommend to visit is Little Havana, a site where many of the Cubans who flew from their Country have been living since 1959. It was due to them that Miami became a Latin and international city. In the neighborhood of Little Havana there is a vibrant and a busy environment, with salsa rhythms coming out of the shops and houses.

Equally interesting (and with history) is the downtown from where the city started to unfurl itself, or the neighborhoods of Coral Gables and Coconut Grove. Take a peek at these as well.

Miami is a magical city which is worth to visit at least once in our lives. It’s much more than 16 km of sand. I’ve walked on it when I visited some of the Caribbean islands.

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