Cape Verde is an archipelago comprised of 10 islands of volcanic origin (and 8 islets), which is located in the Atlantic Ocean. Together with the archipelagos of Madeira and Savage Islands, they constitute the region of Macaronesia, which means “fortunate islands”.

In 1444 the Portuguese reached Cap-Vert, which is the westernmost point of continental Africa.

Dakar, the capital of Senegal, is currently located in the peninsula of Cap-Vert.

Several years later, navigators (there’s a lot of debate about who they actually were) sighted land about 450 km away from Cap-Vert, Senegal. The first discovered islands were Boavista, Santiago, Maio and Sal, and the remaining ones were only discovered in the following years.

Since these islands are close to Cap-Vert of Senegal, they gave them the very same name.

The first city to be built by the Portuguese was Ribeira Grande do Santiago, currently known as Cidade Velha. It was the first capital of Cape Verde.

I’ve been to Cape Verde 3 times already, 2 of those in Sal and one in Boavista.

I enjoy very much the relaxed and friendly environment that it’s felt there. The morna (a local music genre) helps tons. The food is good, the sea and sand have an outstanding color (particularly the beach of Chaves in Boavista…) and the Cape Verdean are just super friendly. I want to go back and get to know the remaining islands.

In this article I approach the origin of name Cape Verde. Soon I’ll take about the islands that I already know and what I’ve experienced over there.