When visiting Sicily, you should really go to Taormina.

It is known as the Pearl of the Ionian Sea and is located at the top of Mt. Taurus. From the top of this mountain we have a staggering view.


This city was founded in the year of 396 BC by inhabitants who had to flee from Naxos, which was the very first Greek settlement in Sicily. These were the inhabitants who began the construction of the theater, having manually excavated 100000m3 of stone!

The theatre is precisely located on the top of the mountain, so the view you get from it is the best in all Taormina.

From here you can watch the sea and the Mount Etna. The walk is totally worth it.

At the time, theatre was one of the richest forms of art. Several dance, music or poetry recitation shows were often held. From the Greek spell of dominance one can still see nowadays a part of the wall, some Greek inscriptions and the foundation of a temple.

The Romans arrived during the 2nd century AD and did several changes to the Greek theater, in order to hold fighting events between gladiators and animals. The theater expanded its size and its capacity went from 5000 to 10000 people.

Later on, with the arrival of the Arabs, the Greek theater was looted and partially destructed. During the Middles Ages, some columns were removed to be part of palaces and other monuments.


Throughout the years and due to the different valuations that those who dominated Sicily gave to the theater, it underwent more or less profound changes. Nonetheless, it keeps being a stunning monument, which, like I have said in the beginning, absolutely requires a visit.

Throughout the summer months one can attend several music shows, fashion or movie events. I was there in October and I was not able to attend any… That is a good reason to come back J

Anyway, being on the top of the mountain, in a theater that was built so many centuries ago, having the sea so blue at my feet and the Etna in the background, that, by itself, is a truly magnificent show. Highly recommended.

After spending some time there, lose yourself in Corso Humberto as well, the main street of Taormina. All of its surroundings, with several staircases and squares, make it a very pleasant tour. But that’s a whole other story!