Lisbon with a Guddy

When we travel, there are tonnes of ways to be acquainted with a particular city. It depends on several factors, such as the time available we have, the money in our wallet and the things that we cherish the most.

We can know a city through its history, food, nightlife, businesses, or in other ways.

In my opinion, the history of any place we visit is something crucial to perceive a bit of what we are seeing. What a specific monument represents, its purpose and the reason behind its appearance, why the city’s inhabitants eat in a certain way. All these things are related to something that took place in the past. We don’t need to know every little thing, but at least we should be familiar with the general traits.


I recently crossed paths with Local Guddy. I tried it and enjoyed looking at my city of Lisbon accompanied by a guddy. So let’s know a bit more about in

What it is

Local Guddy is a platform that establishes a bridge between a city’s inhabitants and its travelers. A guddy is someone who lives in the city and wants to show it to those who have come to visit it.

There are 4 different types of guddys. Depending on what they show, are called local guddy, food walker, pub crawler and hommy chef. These are inhabitants who show the spots, the restaurants, the bars and they can even cook a meal at their own place.

Where does it operate

Local Guddy can be found in more than 160 cities scattered throughout the world. You can enjoy the companion of a guddy in Bangkok, Paris, New York and Buenos Aires, for example.

In Lisbon

In Lisbon, so far, there is only one local guide, Miguel M. He is the one accountable for the “Classic Lisbon Ride” tour. He is super nice and knows Lisbon quite well, he was born and raised right in the city’s heart. See here:

The car

This tour happens in a car, which has been part of Miguel’s family since 1973, something that by itself already turns this tour into something unique and classy. The meeting point is in Príncipe Real and is followed by a 3-hour route throughout in Lisbon. As we ride through city’s streets, we make some strategic pit stops, allowing Miguel to explain what we are currently seeing. And, for me, this is tour’s most interesting aspect.

The car
Car detail
The car with the Basilica of Estrela and the tram 28

The route

We pass by the garden and viewpoint of S. Pedro de Alcântara, Portas do Sol, the Graça district and we stop at the viewpoint of Sra. do Monte. This is one of my favorite spots to check in Lisbon.

Portas do Sol

We then proceed towards the old Mouraria neighborhood, Martim Moniz square and Avenida da Liberdade. As we reach its highest point, we stop at Parque Eduardo VII and this is indeed a truly beautiful place from where we can see the city, the river and the south bank. Then, we keep going towards Amoreiras, Largo do Rato and Jardim da Estrela.

Martim Moniz

After this, we keep roaming through Lisbon, we see the Parliament, the Adamastor viewpoint, the Pink Street which is part of the ever so bohemian Bairro Alto, and we go back to the meeting point, in Príncipe Real.

There is also the possibility to extend this tour a bit, contemplating the south bank of Tagus River, an opportunity to know Costa da Caparica and Almada.

I do think that this first approach to Lisbon is perfect to know the city a little bit better and, after doing it, then you can explore it as freely as you want. I tried it and I recommend it.