Walter P. Chrysler, the founder of the Chrysler automaker, wanted to erect an office building that was the highest in the world and one that would work as a eulogy to his own rise in the automobile industry.

The Chrysler building is a skyscraper with 319 meters (67 floors) in New York.

It was inaugurated in 1930. At that time it was the biggest structure in the world, being by the Empire State Building (which has more than 62 meters) 11 months after.

The architect Van Alen (who conceived the building) selected motifs related to the machine era, specifically using automobile motifs for the building’s façade, such as:

  • A shiny stainless steel coating, similar to a new car;
  • The building’s eaves are shaped in the form an eagle, after Chrysler’s radiator cap;
  • Triangular windows on the needle’s arcades suggest the radius of a wheel.

It’s totally worth to see this building in person and all the city as well. The feeling that I got when I was there was similar to being in a movie, since many of its spots are already too familiar thanks to all the movies and series we watch.