The Caribbean is a region in Central America that consists of the Caribbean Sea and over 7000 islands.

Christopher Columbus was the one who discovered these islands, when he intended to reach Asian through a western route. In 1492 he reached the Bahamas and later he arrived in other islands such Jamaica, Puerto Rico or Grenada. He called West Indies to the islands he discovered, even though that designation is not thoroughly used anymore.

The islands are commonly known as the Caribbean, as Columbus found Caribbean Indians when he arrived there.

The islands were, for more than 400 years, under the role of several European nations and it was only in the 50s and 60s that some gained their independence. Some of those islands still belong to European countries, a thing that happens with the Cayman Islands and the Turk and Caicos Islands, which are British territory.

Since these islands suffered the influence of several different nations, a wide architectural variety can still be found and the same happens with the languages spoken and the music that is played there. It is, without any sort of doubt, a very rich region, culturally wise.

The following territories belong to the Caribbean:

  • Commonwealth of the Bahamas: a country with more than 3000 islands, cays and islets;
  • Cayman Islands: a total of 3 islands, whose names are Grand Cayman, Little Cayman and Cayman Brac
  • Turks & Caicos: a territory with 40 islands;
  • Greater Antilles: name given to all islands of Cuba, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and Haiti;
  • Lesser Antilles (volcanic origin): it is a long chain of islands and some of those are Curacao, Antigua & Barbuda, British Virgin Islands, St. Vincent & Grenadines and Trinidad & Tobago.

Tourism plays a major role in this region, since this is the place where one can find beautiful beaches with crystal clear and warm water, and fine, golden sand.

I’ve already visited some of the Caribbean islands and I loved what I saw there. I’ve been to Bahamas, Cuba, Jamaica and I spent a few hours in the Cayman Islands. They represent different cultures, all of them very interesting. And the beaches… they’re a true paradise. I really want to visit the remaining islands!

Throughout the month of August I’m going to speak about some of the things I’ve seen in this region.