About me

I’m Kate, a Portuguese girl living in Lisbon. I’m married to a pilot, and I have a three-year-old daughter. I’ve quit my previous job to dedicate myself full-time to this project.

I travel independently and already went to more than 40 countries. I love to meet the culture, the habits and the ways of living of the locals. Out of everything I’ve seen, the countries that I genuinely have a passion for are Morocco (especially the majestical Marrakesh), India and Cambodia. The history, architecture, and landscape are entirely mesmerizing.

Traveling, meeting people and sharing are my passions!

This photo was taken in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
In Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

 This photo was taken in Ukulhas, Maldives.

In Ukulhas, Maldives.

About the blog

Ever since I was a little child, I was taught to question everything and to be curious about my surroundings. Hence why, with my short strolls around Portugal, the curiosity got more significant for me to understand what I saw.

When I started to travel further, I kept on that habit.

Before exploring any location, I always do some research about it, to attain information that allows me to understand how that city was built, what was a specific monument made for, what the name or an important street means. All of this allows me to enjoy my walks much better. I don’t want just to take a picture, I also want to understand what I’m seeing.

The willing to record these pieces of information appeared in the past few years. The writing was numbed in me, I don’t know why, but I rediscovered it recently. I just needed to take a small break, ponder upon the meaning of life, listen to the will that I already had within and have some courage to keep moving forward… Traveling through the world, trying to understand it and sharing what I’ve learned with others that have the same willingness as I do.

I started by creating the Viajar pela História, and I really have learned a lot with it which only made it more evident that this is really what I want to do. About one year after its creation I felt it was time to evolve and change the looks of it to make space for other possibilities. That’s how Wandering Life came to be.

Have a word with me

Do you want to leave a comment, suggestion or just say hi? I’d love to hear some news from you!

The best way to reach me is by sending me an email to kate@wandering-life.com. I try to reply to every email I get, especially from my subscribers.

You can also find me online in the Facebook chat.

Work with me

We can work together in many ways. I’m available for press trips to promote a destination, talk about a product or a brand, advertise on my blog or social media or even writing an article.

I love to travel and meet the locals, have new experiences, sleep in new places, get in touch with new cultures and ways of living. Count me in to know and share that experience.

Contact me and let’s have a chat about the possibilities!

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