One day in Belém, in Lisbon of the Discoveries - Wandering life

One day in Belém (Lisbon of the Discoveries)

Approximately 11 km from the center of Lisbon, we find Belém, a riverside area. It is a bit outside the capital, yet it is unforgettable, since it provides some of the most important attractions of the city. In my view, the best thing to do is to devote an entire day to Belém, but if you do not have the time, at least spend a whole morning or afternoon there.

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Do you ever been to Disney? Do you know who Walt Disney was? - Wandering life

Disney theme parks

Walt Disney opened in 1955 the 1st amusement park (of Disney and in the world) in California, where children and adults could play, but quickly looked for a place to build another complex. He caught a plane to Orlando and secretly bought more than 11000 hectares of land, 21 miles away from the city.

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Palm Springs - Discover more in Wandering Lif

What to do in Palm Springs

With the discovery and development of Palm Springs, several architects built modern houses, inspired by the city’s desert environment. As we speak, there are 75 edification of the so-called desert modernism. It is stunning.

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A Sunday afternoon at Lx Factory - Wandering Life

A Sunday afternoon at Lx Factory

Lx Factory emanates a good vibe, due to a mishmash of factors. It has an abandoned and decayed appearance, the stores and the offices are super original and irreverent and the people who go there appear to be quite interesting.

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Meet the Lisbon of Fernando Pessoa, portuguese writer - Wandering Life

Pessoa’s Lisbon

Fernando Pessoa is regarded by many as the greatest Portuguese writer of modern times. He spent most of his life in the city of Lisbon, and one can still to find much of him in the Portuguese capital.

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Three places to find Franz Kafka in Prague - Wandering Life

3 best places to find Kafka (Prague)

Once upon a time there was a Czech known as Franz Kafka. Born in Prague on 3 July 1883, during an era when the Czech Republic was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire of the Habsburgs.

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