Learn all about the magnificent Prague Castle - Wandering Life

What to see in Prague Castle

The castle is a super important symbol, not only of Prague, but of the whole Czech Republic. It’s the seat of political and religious power, having been the residence of the royal Bohemian family and the Bishop of Prague, and also of the presidency of the republic since 1918. It’s the world’s largest complex of castles, according to the Guinness Book of World Records.

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Learn all about the most famous bridge in Prague - Wandering Life

Why you have to go to the Charles Bridge (Prague)

The city has more than 300 bridges… over the Vltava and also over other water courses found there. This is why it is aptly named the city of the hundred towers and also of the 100 bridges.
The most famous of all is the Charles Bridge.

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Learn why you should buy the Lisbon Passport - Wandering Life

What is Lisbon Passport

For long as I can recall I’ve always enjoyed keeping stuff during my trips. Souvenirs that make me go back to a city I’ve visited, a subway ride, a great dinner (or not so much) or a show. Quite recently I’ve heard about Lisbon Passport and I’ve really enjoyed this concept. I’ve got mine already and soon I will start stamping it ;)

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Do you want to know why you have to go to the Arab Baths of Cordoba? - Wandering Life

How are the Arab baths (Córdoba)

For several hundreds of years, the region of Andalusia was occupied by the Arabs. These people had a massive influence on the life of Andalusians, in terms of food, architecture or language. A legacy that also stood the test of time is the Arab baths.

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Why should we visit the famous Alhambra... - Wandering Life

What to see in Alhambra (Spain)

Believe that the 1st impression that will have of Alhambra will be splendorous, but the true enchantment happens on the inside…

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Have you ever met a city with a Guddy? - Wandering Life

Getting to know Lisbon with Local Guddy

We can know a city through its history, food, nightlife, businesses, or in other ways. I recently crossed paths with Local Guddy. I tried it and enjoyed looking at my city of Lisbon accompanied by a guddy.

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