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Passion for travel, writing and photography.

I have written hundreds of articles (in Portuguese and English) in partnership with several entities. About me and my blog have already been published a few interviews one of them in a major Portuguese travel magazine (Volta ao Mundo).









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My articles and publications about my travels.

The Brazil’s Very Best by Mariana Viaja and the blog Alma de Viajante

Brazil is a country which has a great territorial extension and offers many…

The City of Natal

The city is much more than beach and sea and the proximity to nature.

Christ the Redeemer of Rio de Janeiro

It’s the most popular Brazilian depiction in the whole world. In 2007 it…

Senhor do Bonfim (Lord of Bonfim) and the famous fitinhas

The Senhor do Bonfim Sanctuary Basilica is one the most popular and…

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