I'm going to stamp my Lisbon Passport and write about the places - Wandering life

Stamping the Lisbon Passport

Someone once said that the same very trip is experienced at three different moments. When we plan it, when we live it and when we recall it. And I’m really fond of memories....

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Have you heard of the Tarrafal Concentration Camp? - Wandering life

Tarrafal concentration camp

In the north of the Cape Verde island of Santiago, about 60 km from the beach, the Tarrafal is found. It is an arid zone that reaches the sea and where we find the best white sand beach on the island.

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What are the main attractions of Santiago (Cape Verde)? - Wandering life

What to see in Santiago (Cape Verde)

Santiago is one of the ten islands that comprise the archipelago of Cape Verde (together with the islanders). It is located in the Atlantic Ocean, near the African coast, almost 1000 km away from Senegal.

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One day in Belém, in Lisbon of the Discoveries - Wandering life

One day in Belém (Lisbon of the Discoveries)

Approximately 11 km from the center of Lisbon, we find Belém, a riverside area. It is a bit outside the capital, yet it is unforgettable, since it provides some of the most important attractions of the city. In my view, the best thing to do is to devote an entire day to Belém, but if you do not have the time, at least spend a whole morning or afternoon there.

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Do you ever been to Disney? Do you know who Walt Disney was? - Wandering life

Disney theme parks

Walt Disney opened in 1955 the 1st amusement park (of Disney and in the world) in California, where children and adults could play, but quickly looked for a place to build another complex. He caught a plane to Orlando and secretly bought more than 11000 hectares of land, 21 miles away from the city.

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Palm Springs - Discover more in Wandering Lif

What to do in Palm Springs

With the discovery and development of Palm Springs, several architects built modern houses, inspired by the city’s desert environment. As we speak, there are 75 edification of the so-called desert modernism. It is stunning.

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