Have you heard of the Tarrafal Concentration Camp? - Wandering life

Tarrafal concentration camp

In the north of the Cape Verde island of Santiago, about 60 km from the beach, the Tarrafal is found. It is an arid zone that reaches the sea and where we find the best white sand beach on the island.

What are the main attractions of Santiago (Cape Verde)? - Wandering life

Santiago, maybe the most African island of Cape Verde

Santiago is one of the ten islands that comprise the archipelago of Cape Verde (together with the islanders). It is located in the Atlantic Ocean, near the African coast, almost 1000 km away from Senegal.

One day in Belém, in Lisbon of the Discoveries - Wandering life

One day in Belém, in Lisbon of the Discoveries

Approximately 11 km from the center of Lisbon, we find Belém, a riverside area. It is a bit outside the capital, yet it is unforgettable, since it provides some of the most important attractions of the city. In my view, the best thing to do is to devote an entire day to Belém, but if you do not have the time, at least spend a whole morning or afternoon there.

Do you ever been to Disney? Do you know who Walt Disney was? - Wandering life

Walt Disney and theme parks

Walt Disney opened in 1955 the 1st amusement park (of Disney and in the world) in California, where children and adults could play, but quickly looked for a place to build another complex. He caught a plane to Orlando and secretly bought more than 11000 hectares of land, 21 miles away from the city.

Palm Springs - Discover more in Wandering Lif

What to do in Palm Springs

With the discovery and development of Palm Springs, several architects built modern houses, inspired by the city’s desert environment. As we speak, there are 75 edification of the so-called desert modernism. It is stunning.

A Sunday afternoon at Lx Factory - Wandering Life

A Sunday afternoon at Lx Factory

Lx Factory emanates a good vibe, due to a mishmash of factors. It has an abandoned and decayed appearance, the stores and the offices are super original and irreverent and the people who go there appear to be quite interesting.

Meet the Lisbon of Fernando Pessoa, portuguese writer - Wandering Life

Fernando Pessoa’s Lisbon

Fernando Pessoa is regarded by many as the greatest Portuguese writer of modern times. He spent most of his life in the city of Lisbon, and one can still to find much of him in the Portuguese capital.

Three places to find Franz Kafka in Prague - Wandering Life

3 spots where one can find Kafka in Prague

Once upon a time there was a Czech known as Franz Kafka. Born in Prague on 3 July 1883, during an era when the Czech Republic was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire of the Habsburgs.

Do you know what to see in the old town square of Prague? - Wandering Life

The square of the old town of Prague

The historic centre of Prague is something magnificent, with stunning buildings, an impressive castle and one of the most famous bridges in the world. Since 1992 it is part of the World Heritage Sites of UNESCO.

Learn all about Prague's famous astronomical clock - Wandering Life

The Prague astronomical clock

On the facade of the old City Council, located in the city’s heart (old town), we can find one the most emblematic points of Prague. It’s the astronomical clock, one of the world’s oldest and most elaborate. In addition to telling the time, it also shows the moon phases and movement of the stars… It’s a monument to sky observation.

Learn all about the magnificent Prague Castle - Wandering Life

The Prague Castle

The castle is a super important symbol, not only of Prague, but of the whole Czech Republic. It’s the seat of political and religious power, having been the residence of the royal Bohemian family and the Bishop of Prague, and also of the presidency of the republic since 1918. It’s the world’s largest complex of castles, according to the Guinness Book of World Records.

Learn all about the most famous bridge in Prague - Wandering Life

The most famous bridge in Prague

The city has more than 300 bridges… over the Vltava and also over other water courses found there. This is why it is aptly named the city of the hundred towers and also of the 100 bridges.
The most famous of all is the Charles Bridge.

Learn why you should buy the Lisbon Passport - Wandering Life

Lisbon Passport

For long as I can recall I’ve always enjoyed keeping stuff during my trips. Souvenirs that make me go back to a city I’ve visited, a subway ride, a great dinner (or not so much) or a show. Quite recently I’ve heard about Lisbon Passport and I’ve really enjoyed this concept. I’ve got mine already and soon I will start stamping it ;)

Do you want to know why you have to go to the Arab Baths of Cordoba? - Wandering Life

Arab Baths in Córdoba

For several hundreds of years, the region of Andalusia was occupied by the Arabs. These people had a massive influence on the life of Andalusians, in terms of food, architecture or language. A legacy that also stood the test of time is the Arab baths.

Why should we visit the famous Alhambra... - Wandering Life

A wonderful named Alhambra

Believe that the 1st impression that will have of Alhambra will be splendorous, but the true enchantment happens on the inside…

Have you ever met a city with a Guddy? - Wandering Life

Getting to know Lisbon with Local Guddy

We can know a city through its history, food, nightlife, businesses, or in other ways. I recently crossed paths with Local Guddy. I tried it and enjoyed looking at my city of Lisbon accompanied by a guddy.

Get to know 4 good reasons to go to Cordoba already! - Wandering Life

4 good reasons to visit Córdoba

Córdoba is the city of caliphs. It is located in the heart of the Andalusian region, next to the waters of Guadalquivir River, one of the largest in the Iberian Peninsula.

Get to know the Plaza de España, the most emblematic of Seville - Wandering Life

Spain Square in Seville

I do love the city of Seville and every time I go there I end up walking around this square. So let’s know it a bit better. The Spain Square in Seville is one of the most visited places in all Andalusia. It was even used as a setting for the 2nd episode of the renowned movie Star Wars.

Let us know better the region of Andalusia? - Wandering Life

Andalusia, the former Al-Andalus

There’s something different around here, when compared to the rest of the Spain. The landscape, the white houses, the cuisine and the way of leaving whilst coping with the region’s extremely hot temperatures. Something that is totally related to Flamenco. I’m absolutely in love with this music, I love its soul and personality.

Cathedral of Guarda

The district of Guarda is located in the Portuguese region of Beira Alta, bounded on the north by Braganza, on the east by Spain and on the south by Castelo Branco. It is a deeply mountainous region, and this is where one can find the highest peak of Serra de Estrela, with an elevation of 1,999 m.

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