10 facts about the tile and the Convent of Madre de Deus

The tile is a piece of ceramics used in Portugal as an ornamental and architectural element. It’s a trademark of Portuguese culture, a recurring presence for 500 years already.

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The temples of Yogyakarta: Borobudur and Prambanan

Yogyakarta is a city located in the central part of the island of Java, one of more than 17.000 that comprise Indonesia. It’s the island’s soul and therefore an absolutely obligatory destination for those who travel to the region.

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What to expect from West and Central Java

Java is one of 17000 Indonesian islands, the world’s largest archipelago. It’s located in Southwest Asia, near Malaysia and Papua New Guinea.

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Almourol, Barquinha and Cardiga

The municipality of Vila Nova da Barquinha is a bit more than an hour away from Lisbon (125 km). This region is bathed by the Tagus, the longest Portuguese river, one that starts in Spanish Extremadura and ends right next to Lisbon.

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10 things to know when listening to fado in Lisbon

Fado is a deeply emotional musical style, stemming right from the singer’s soul. It is one of the most important Portugal symbols and recognized by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage.

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10 Reasons to visit Carmo ruins, in Lisbon (Portugal) - Wandering life

10 reasons to go to the Carmo ruins

Those who visit Lisbon have to mandatorily see the ruins of Carmo, since they are located in the city’s center. What is left of the Carmo Covent is located at the top of a hill (therefore having a prominent position), not far from Praça D. Pedro IV, better known as Rossio.

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